J.O. Westwood Medal for Excellence in Insect Taxonomy & Marsh Prize

The MCT previously partnered with the Royal Entomological Society to Award the J.O. Westwood Medal and Marsh Prize.

The J.O. Westwood Medal recognises the best comprehensive taxonomic work on a group of insects, or, related arthropods (including terrestrial and freshwater hexapods, myriapods, arachnids and their relatives). Typically, this will be a taxonomic revision or monograph. The Award was open to authors from any country who demonstrate the highest standards of descriptive taxonomy in the work nominated.

This Award is no longer run in partnership with the MCT and the Royal Entomological Society.

Dr Jason P W Hall 2019

Jason was recognised for his monograph ““A monograph of the Nympidiina (Lepidoptera: Riodinidae: Nymphidiini): Phylogeny, Taxonomy, Biology and Biogeography”.

Jason’s research focuses on the evolution, systematics, phylogenetics, biogeography, ecology and conservation of butterflies, particularly those from the Neotropics and those belonging to the family Riodinidae. His research on riodinid butterflies has shed light on several topics of broad evolutionary interest and during the course of his research, he has visited numerous private collections around the World, and most of the major museums throughout the Americas and Europe to examine, dissect and curate Neotropical butterflies.