Marsh Award for Conservation in Action

This Award recognises the achievements of conservators and heritage scientists working to enhance public engagement with historic objects and collections. Engagement may be delivered through the real-time interpretation of the conservation work being carried out either in-situ or online, or through educational programmes linked to the conservation project.

The Award is open to individual conservators and heritage scientists or teams of conservation professionals.

Mary Evans 2023

Spalding Gentlemen’s Society has an extensive collection, containing several important items including scientific instruments, a library and an archive. The collection has never been formally reviewed and conservation work has been minimal up until now. The museum is fully volunteer run, and is looking to progress and extend their reach to a wider audience, despite having limited funds in order to do so. Mary has worked, as a volunteer, for just over a year at the museum, encouraging people to engage with heritage (particularly those who would not normally do so) and providing education and training in conservation skills. 

The project to conserve the collection has boosted the wellbeing of local people who have gotten involved, and has been highlighted on social media to help promote the value of conservation in preserving heritage objects. Mary and her team of volunteers have produced short films of them taking part in conservation activities, demonstrating their skills and engaging even more people with the act of conservation. Mary gives freely of her time to teach others about conservation, whilst never losing sight of her main aim to conserve and protect the heritage of the collection. This is an ongoing project, and the hope is that many more people will take part in conservation activities to bring the collection back to life.