Marsh Award for Early Career Conservators

This Award recognises emerging conservation professionals and their early career contribution to the practice of conservation.

The Award is open to conservators and heritage scientists who have completed their academic qualification within the last 5 years or those with less than 5 years of workplace experience if they are following vocational training routes.

Marina Herriges 2023

Marina spearheaded a project with the University of Glasgow which identified the value of promoting sustainability in textile conservation at the beginning point of a conservator’s career, since they will be the one leading in this area of conservation in the future. The project ran between September 2020 and August 2022 and Marina, as an emerging conservator herself, had a pivotal role in designing and implementing the project. Her work has changes approached to sustainable practices in the curriculum of the MPhil Textile Conservation Programme at Glasgow (and beyond) and has created more opportunities for dialogue between staff, students and emerging professionals about sustainability in this field.  

Marina brought knowledge and understanding of sustainable practices, as well as her experiences of the Programme as a recent graduate, and demonstrated the important contributions that can be made by emerging conservators, both as role models for leadership and advocates for sustainability. The project has become a model for other conservation departments at the University of Glasgow and has helped to contribute to wider debates about sustainability in the conservation sector as a whole. Marina’s drive and passion for sustainability is infectious, and she has fostered changes in teaching practices and inspired future generations of conservators.