Marsh Award for Local Mental Health Hero

This Award was run in partnership with Mind and recognises a group and an individual who are making an active contribution to help those experiencing a mental health problem in their local communities.

This Award was presented in 2014 and the MCT’s partnership with Mind then changed to recognise peer support as it still does today.

The Art Therapy Group, Huddersfield (Group) and Sylvia Weaver (Individual) 2014

The Art Therapy Group – The Group is run by Womenspace in Huddersfield and meets every Tuesday, offering a range of art projects, from glass painting to clay modelling. The group supports women experiencing various difficulties, from mental health issues to domestic violence or low self-esteem in a safe and friendly environment where they can express themselves. The impact of the group is evident through the words of one attendee who says, “As a person with very little support socially this group has become the mainstay in my weekly life and I don’t know what I would do without it.”

Sylvia Weaver – Sylvia was nominated by her friend Karen, who has experience of living with mental ill health. She has made a real difference to Karen’s life, helping her cope with the day-to-day, supporting her when she had difficulties going to work and encouraging her to become more confident. Thanks to Sylvia, Karen regularly takes part in a fundraising walk to raise money for Breast Cancer Research and she speaks more openly about mental health and the stigmas attached to it. They have an inspiring friendship which has enabled a new beginning for both of them.