Marsh Award for Long-Term Commitment to the British Museum

This Award recognised an individual who has made a significant contribution to the British Museum through their efforts as a volunteer over a long period of time.

This was a one-off Award which was presented in 2013.

Gordon Howes 2013

The Award was presented posthumously to Gordon Howes who passed away earlier in 2013. His Award was given to the Children with Cancer Fund in Polegate, which was a charity close to his heart.

Gordon had been part of the Volunteer Team at the British Museum for 17 years following his retirement as Head Curator of Fishes at the Natural History Museum. He volunteered in the Departments of Ancient Egypt & Sudan and the Middle East, gave gallery talks in the African and Mesopotamian Galleries and regularly led tours in the Enlightenment Gallery. He gave his time generously to trainees, practising with them as they learnt new scripts for tours.