Marsh Award for Research in Conservation

This Award recognises conservators and heritage scientists who have made an outstanding contribution to research in the field of conservation.

This Award recognises individual conservators or heritage scientists, or teams of conservation professionals carrying out research in support of conservation projects.


Dr David Thickett 2023

Showcases are widely used in museum displays, and understanding of them and their technical requirements has been significantly advanced by David. His research has encompassed the materials used in showcase construction and their interiors which helps ensure that objects on display are not damaged. He has worked to develop practical methods to test Air Exchange Rates (AERs) in showcases and these have now become standard practice at English Heritage. David’s research has included assessing the effectiveness of showcase designs, testing cases to determine their performance, and investigating new designs and methods to improve their efficacy in protecting collections. He consistently monitors the research and tests he has put in place to ensure that they continue to achieve the best results.David’s research has been used, with showcase manufacturers, to develop a standard for the design of showcases to ensure that institutions can purchase the best quality cases possible. In particular, the results of his research on archaeological metals and what causes their deterioration has enabled these artefacts to be displayed in the historic building with which they are associated. David has produced publications on his research and runs training sessions for conservators and institutions, making his outcomes available both academically and to the wider conservation community. 


Highly Commended Certificate: Kate Jennings