Marsh Award for Retail Volunteer Team of the Year

This Award recognises the hard work and dedication of Teams who give up their time to volunteer in one of Barnardo’s stores around the country. The Award celebrates the great customer service that they provide and the contributions they make toward raising money for the protection of children and families.

Nominations are made via Barnardo’s and judged by a panel consisting of Barnardo’s and MCT representatives.

Cheadle Hulme Store Volunteers 2022

This is an amazingly strong and diverse team ranging from their mid teens to mid eighties. They are supportive both of one another and of the smooth running of the shop as a whole. Nothing is too much for the volunteers and they provide an outstanding shopping experience for customers. Despite a number of different managers, the volunteers have stayed loyal and are the backbone of the shop, taking it from strength to strength. They have seen so much change along the way but remain committed and dedicated, their efforts and adaptability know no bounds. The volunteers are united in their determination to help each other fulfil their potential and realise their worth.

Previous Winners

Chichester Store Volunteers

The long-serving volunteer team at Chichester all bring great qualities which contribute to the smooth running of the store on a day to day basis, while also generating extra incomeEach volunteer adds something different to the store, from going through donations of toys to make complete sets, transferring from other stores where needed and taking on new roles where necessary. Some volunteers have been with the store since it opened 25 years ago, demonstrating loyalty and commitment even when personal circumstances have made volunteering hard for them. The volunteers range in age from 14-90 years old, and the older volunteers are there for the younger volunteers, helping them settle in to the store and taking the time to mentor them. The store was one of the first to return to business after the lockdowns, and without the support and commitment of the volunteers this would not have been possible. The store is about to move to a larger location, and staff are confident that the volunteers will embrace the new challenge with the same attitude and commitment that they always have.  

This Year’s Region Winners are:

  • – Thornton Store Volunteers
  •  – Saltash Store Volunteers