Marsh Award for Work Experience Student of the Year

This Award that is run in partnership with the Museum of London recognises a student who has shown dedication, enthusiasm and progression during their work experience placement at the Museum.

The Museum of London offers work experience placements for young people ages 14-18 through partnerships with local state schools. The work experience placements involve a range of activities and provide a general overview of the workings of a museum across a variety of departments.

Olivia 2022

Olivia took part in the museum’s 2 month work experience programme, attending every Friday. She was always on time (if not early!) and forged friendly and professional relationships quickly with those who she came into contact with. Olivia approached every task she was given with enthusiasm, event those that were outside the initial remit of her placement. After showing an interest in the digital marketing for the museum, Olivia worked in a focused way to provide feedback to staff on marketing for children’s birthday parties at the museum and ultimately assisted in improving the publicity of these events. She was well organised and committed to her placement and showed a great attitude towards trying new things, despite the nervousness that she felt in the first instance. Olivia was able to practise the skills that she was passionate about, but had not yet had professional experience of and has been encouraged to now seek paid employment with the Museum of London.