Marsh Volunteer Award with Church Recording Society

This Award recognises the invaluable work and significant contribution of a volunteer in achieving the charitable objects of the Church Recording Society and in the service of Church Recording

These volunteers shown their dedication and innovation to Church Recording through their church, and help to deliver exceptional results that can be used by historians, antiquarians and researchers.

Kip Warr 2022

From 2015 -2019, Kip Warr was the national Church Recording Team’s technology expert. He played an invaluable role in the implementation of digital production and delivery for church records and took part in the exploration of other technology which would enhance the making, promotion and use of the records. Despite a heart attack forcing him to resign from his post in 2019, Kip got involved once again when the Church Recording Society was formed in 2021. He took on the task of creating the Society’s website on a voluntary basis, which turned out to be a huge task as he was dealing with people with little to no experience in developing websites. Kip has spent many hundreds of hours creating the website and has been outstandingly patient, as well as saving the Church Recording Society up to £20,000 (which they would have had to pay to have a website of this quality created professionally). The website is essential to the Church Recording Society, without it the national Church Recording Project would not be able to continue.