Marsh WWT Staff Award for Outstanding Contribution to Wetland Conservation in the UK

This Award recognises staff throughout the WWT that are dedicated to the protection and transformation of wetlands areas. 

This winners of these Awards are those who have led to positive outcomes of wetlands areas that include; the creation of wetland spaces to be enjoyed by the local people and/or local communities, the improvement of water quality, the improvement of health and wellbeing a reduction in local flooding. They have also improved conservation of wetland wildlife; birds, mammals, amphibians or insect life and improved engagement in the value and importance of wetlands; this work will have led to significant number of people having a better knowledge of wetlands and wetland species. 



Nigel Jarrett 2022

Nigel has worked for WWT since 1984, leading on conservation-breeding projects that have literally saved species on the brink of extinction. His innovative and pioneering actions have formed the backbone of WWT’s highest-profile and most engaging stories. Nigel has pioneered conservation breeding and head-starting, which has helped to slow the decline of the Spoon-Billed Sandpiper which had been destined for extinction in the near future. The projects that he has led on bring a significant feel-good factor to WWT and the wider public, as he has helped to boost the numbers of beloved species such as Cranes and Curlews. Nigel makes things happen that should have little chance of working and he is a genuine world expert on a number of important species. He overcomes issues that make his job even harder and gets the job done, even with very few resources.

Previous Winners

David Paynter

Dave has been Reserve Manager at WWT Slimbridge since 1980 and has been the driving force behind the creation, restoration and management of a wide variety of wetland habitats at the site. He is always looking for ways to improve the reserve and continues to seek new opportunities to make improvements for wildlife and people on the site. Since joining WWT, he has improved habitats for thousands of species and has supported the growth of breeding numbers of a number of other species. Dave engages with thousands of visitors every year through the delivery of an extensive events programme at Slimbridge and has helped create new visitor experiences around the reserve which are innovative and accessible to everyone.  

Highly Commended: David Paynted