Peter Titley


Peter was one of the first people to become an Ambassador for the MCT when the scheme was set up in 2014.  Peter served as President of the Rare Breeds Survival Trust until 2014 and prior to this he was the Chair and Vice Chair. Peter is also the former Chairman of the North Ronaldsey Sheep Fellowship and at the start of 2015 helped to set up the Orkney Sheep Foundation which raises funds to protect the ancient Sheep Dyke of North Ronaldsay. Peter is actively involved in the agricultural and conservation sectors, and has offered his services as a commentator at agricultural and countryside events throughout the UK. Alongside those interests he has enjoyed a successful career of over 30 years working in the Criminal Justice System.

Some of the Awards that Peter has presented include the Marsh Lepidoptera Awards, the Marsh Awards with the Canal and River Trust, the Marsh Awards for Human Rights Activism and the Marsh Recovery Awards with Addaction.