Local Volunteers Supporting Refugees

11 February, 2019

We recently met with our partners at the Refugee Council with whom we run the Marsh Refugee Volunteer Awards. These Awards recognise five volunteer led projects within the Refugee Council which provide vital services to refugees and asylum seekers across the UK and highlight the importance of grassroots volunteering.

We were given some great updates on how these projects had developed since winning the Awards in June 2018.

Volunteers from London’s Integration Services have been running Photography Workshops with clients, helping them to develop skills and produce a creative outlet that helps them reflect their lives in London. There is now a core group of five clients taking part in the project and the volunteers hope that they will be able to put on a final exhibition to display their work.
Refugees in Barnsley have benefitted from the formation of a Conversation Club which used their Award to provide bus tickets for clients who lived outside Barnsley and therefore struggled to attend the Club. They have now been able to engage almost 100 clients with the project and it is a great example of the impact these projects can have on both volunteers and clients.

A volunteer from London has been providing morale-boosting entertainment through music at the Dalston Destitution Centre. Ruth has provided a sociable and relaxed atmosphere for clients to share their experiences and take part in music activities. Thanks to the Award, she has been able to purchase equipment and attend a leadership skills course which will further enhance the clients’ experience.

It is encouraging to see how the Awards have been used and we are looking forward to working with the Refugee Council once again this year to recognise five more outstanding volunteer led projects.