Who we are

Marsh Christian Trust is a registered charity # 284470. Our mission is to contribute to and promote the excellent work which is being undertaken across the charity sector through grants to registered charities and Awards to organisations and individuals.

In order to promote the work of the Award winners and their achievements we need to hold some basic personal details of the winners so that we can promote and celebrate their contributions and achievements:

  • First name and surname
  • Email / phone number or postal address
  • Location of activity
  • Photos


Marsh Christian Trust will only hold the names and consented contact details of the Marsh Award winners for the purposes of promoting the winners and the Awards.  This will be done through the website, MCT publications and social media accounts.

We will also hold the details as a historical record of the Awards.  All details will be kept safe and we will always be transparent about how we use them.

We will never share your personal contact details with anyone.


Lawful Basis of processing

We process personal data on a legitimate interest basis.  We believe we have a legitimate interest as the sole purpose of the Trust processing personal data is to identify, recognise and celebrate achievements of individuals and groups across the charity sector.  We hold the minimum amount of privacy data to do this and we also rely on consent of winners when we use their name and photos in the promotion of the Award on our website and in our publications.

We would not be able to run the Award scheme without the basic personal data of the nominees and winners.


Processing policy – How we use your details

Name and activity area
Award Nomination forms will include the Award winner’s name and possibly contact details.  If a nomination is successful the winner’s name and details of their achievements will be used on the MCT website and in the wider promotion of the Award.  This may sometimes include a vague geographical location or reference to a local group, but will never include any personal contact details.

Ex.  David Smith won the Award for his exceptional volunteering efforts for the past 30 years at the ‘Local History Museum in Norfolk’.

Contact Details

We will only hold contact details to talk directly with winners regarding any photos or promotional materials they might be able to assist the MCT with or to follow up with them regarding the Award.  This will be done with the consent of the person.

These contact details are never shared and are stored securely on file.

Bank details

Very occasionally international Award winners will need to provide their bank details so that the MCT can transfer their Award prize directly to them.  The details are used only for the sole purpose to make that transfer and then are disposed of securely. The only copy of the transfer which will remain on record is that for the audit file.

Special Groups – Children

Details for young Award winners are held and used in the same way as stated above, with the consent of their parents.


Retention Policy

The names of the Award winners will be kept on the website under current or past winners for the duration which the Award runs.  This is to promote their activities and the charitable nature of the Award winner’s work. They will also be kept on file as a historical record of the Award.  These files will never be shared or viewed by anyone other than employees, trustees and ambassadors of the Trust, who will be bound under the Trust’s privacy and processing policies. As part of keeping a historical record, on some occasions, communications relating to the Awards may also be entered in to the Trust’s Archive, which includes a full history of the Trust.

The reason we keep these details for a historical record is to demonstrate the development and impact of the Award over time.


Our accountability to you

You can contact us at any time to ask for your details to be corrected or removed or if you are unhappy with any way which we have communicated with you.

We will respond honestly and promptly to your questions, suggestions and complaints



Every effort is made to ensure that the information provided on this site is accurate and up to date, but no legal responsibility is accepted for any errors, omissions or misleading statements. The Marsh Christian Trust is not responsible for, and cannot guarantee the accuracy of, information on sites that it does not manage; nor should the inclusion of a link be taken to mean endorsement by the Marsh Christian Trust of the site to which it points.



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