MCT 2023 End of Year Review

08 January, 2024

As the Trust enters the New Year, we wanted to look back and reflect on the organisations and people that both our Awards Scheme and Grants Programme have supported over the second half of 2023.

Over the last half of the year the MCT has supported over 240 organisations through our Grants Programme. The organisations that are supported by the Trust cover a wide range of causes and charitable objectives that includes social welfare, environmental and animal welfare, arts and heritage and education and training.

As well as supporting organisations through the Grants Scheme, the MCT is partnered with a number of organisations to present Awards. Over the past 6 month, the Trust has presented a large number of our Awards that recognise volunteers and professionals across the sector. Below are a list of the Awards that the Trust has had the pleasure of celebrating.

  • The Association for Science and Discovery Centres Volunteer Award recognises those from across the ASDC Network who have made an outstanding contribution to the Science and Discovery Centre where they are based.
  • The Barnardo’s Awards recognise volunteers from the organisations Children’s Services, Retail volunteers, volunteers who have made an outstanding effort to recognise and celebrate equality and diversity within their local community or nationally, and individual or group of volunteers who have demonstrated an exceptional level of support and commitment to raising funds for Barnardo’s.
  • The British Ecological Society Awards recognise individuals who have achieved significant contributions to the science of ecology.
  • The British Entomological and Natural History Society Award supports field-based ecology and recognises individuals working with any invertebrate family that have made outstanding contributions to entomological science.
  • The British Museum Awards for Volunteers for Museum Learning recognises volunteers that work within local and national museums and galleries to engage the public with collections and exhibitions.
  • The British Trust for Ornithology Awards recognise the achievements of individuals and groups that have made contributions to the ornithological field, both professionally and through volunteering.
  • The Butterfly Conservation Volunteer Awards were new to this year, after previously recognising professionals, and now recognise those who are voluntarily striving to keep butterflies and moths alive and promote their importance to our natural environment.
  • The Canal and River Trust volunteer Awards recognises individuals and groups who make a valuable contribution to the Trust’s waterways.
  • The Church Recording Society Awards
  • The Council for British Archaeology celebrates individuals and groups who carry out exceptional archaeological work within their communities and help to sustain our cultural heritage for future generations.
  • The Dogs for Good Volunteer Awards cover a range of services provides by the organisation that volunteers give their time to.
  • The Engage Marsh Award for Excellence in Visual Arts Engagement celebrates the achievement of individuals working in learning and education within galleries.
  • The Environmental Investigation Agency Marsh Award for Wildlife Conservation is awarded to an EIA local partner for their dedication to their activities and campaigns.
  • The Fauna and Flora International Conservation Awards focus on those who are making a significant contribution to sustainable biodiversity at a local level.
  • The Heritage Crafts Awards highlight the achievements of those using heritage crafts and skills, and promoting the importance of this fundamental part of our living heritage.
  • The Human Trafficking Foundation Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Fight Against Modern Slavery highlights the achievements of groups or individuals who fight the existence and consequences of modern slavery in the UK and internationally.
  • The Kent Wildlife Trust Volunteer Awards recognise individuals and teams who have given their skills, experience and enthusiasm to protecting Kent’s wildlife.
  • The Mind Mental Health Peer Support Awards celebrate the invaluable work of people supporting each other through their lived experience of mental health.
  • The Museum of London Volunteer Awards highlights the contributions of volunteers that give their time, skills and interests in various ways.
  • The National Churches Trust Church and Community Volunteer Awards celebrates the innovative ideas that volunteers contribute to their church buildings.
  • The National Historic Ships Volunteer Awards and ShipShape Award are a way of celebrating those working in a voluntary capacity to highlight the importance of keeping historic vessels alive, for the benefit of the public and our heritage.
  • The Prison Advice and Care Trust Marsh Awards for Volunteering recognises 6 regional volunteers working in Pact’s services across the UK.
  • The Public Statues and Sculpture Association Excellence Awards recognises the conservation of a public sculpture or fountain, and new instalments over the past year.
  • The Rare Breeds Survival Trust Awards recognises both professionals and volunteers working to ensure the future of the UK’s native breeds.
  • The Re-Engage Marsh Award for Volunteering in Support of Older People highlights a number of individuals that commit their time to hosting tea parties, and offering support to the older community.
  • The Royal Anthropological Institute Awards recognise professionals who have a positive influence on the understanding and research of anthropology in the world.
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew Volunteer Awards recognises the passion of both older and younger volunteers at Kew Gardens and Wakehurst.
  • The Royal Horticultural Society Marsh Horticultural Science Award recognises a horticultural science PhD student who has made exceptional progress in their studies.
  • The We Are With You Volunteer Awards and Peer Mentor Awards highlight the contributions of individuals helping to transform the lives of others, through lived experience.
  • The Wildlife Trusts Marine Conservation Awards recognises both volunteers and Wildlife Trusts Staff who help to conserve and sustain marine wildlife and environments.
  • The Zoological Society London Awards celebrate the achievements of professionals and students research that have made significant contributions to their scientific field.


To read more about the Awards that the Trust runs, and the winners of these Awards, please visit each of the partners on our website: https://www.marshcharitabletrust.org/partners/

If you would like to make an application for funding through our Grants Programme, please visit the Grants page for further information: https://www.marshcharitabletrust.org/grants/

The MCT is grateful for all of our partnership and relationship that have developed over the years through the Awards Scheme and Grants Programme.