Fauna and Flora International

Fauna & Flora International’s work spans across the globe, with over 140 projects in over 40 countries, mostly in the developing world. They proudly stand up for biodiversity and aim to show just how relevant it is to all of those who share the planet.

Biodiversity is critical for the life support systems that humans and all other species rely on – from provision of freshwater to shelter and food. Sadly, the stunning array of species is under serious threat, from habitat loss, pollution, hunting and a myriad other pressures. Biodiversity is being lost at 1,000 times the natural rate.

We work with Fauna and Flora International to help celebrate and highlight the work which is being undertaken, by inspirational individuals, across the globe to preserve and protect its threatened biodiversity.  Award winners are individuals and organisations who are making a significant contribution to sustainable biodiversity at a local level.

Fauna & Flora International
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