The Refugee Council

The Refugee Council is one of the leading charities in the UK working directly with refugees, and supporting them to rebuild their lives. They also speak up for refugees and ensure that refugees have a stronger and more influential voice in decisions that will affect them.

In the context of the current refugee crisis, it is estimated that over 65 million people around the globe have had to flee their homes. Upon arrival to host countries refugees deal with a multitude of problems including trauma, uncertainty about their future, stigma and destitution.

The Refugee Council aims to tackle these issues through four key areas of services: destitution and therapeutic casework, children’s services, resettlement services and integration services. This work often relies on the efforts of volunteers, some of whom have been refugees themselves. Our Awards with the Refugee Council are a way of promoting projects run by these inspiring volunteers.

The Refugee Council
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Our Awards with The Refugee Council