Young People Making Their Voices Heard

18 April, 2019

We are, at the moment, witnessing a rise in the number of young people who are speaking out to champion causes that they believe in. As we joined the Amnesty International UK National Conference last weekend we saw, first-hand, the passion of young people fighting to raise awareness of human rights and global issues, as well as the need to continue engaging younger generations in these causes. So, two of the Awards we presented went to school and university groups championing human rights.

The difference which young people make at a local and national level is a theme that runs through a number of our Awards. Working with BTO and Wildlife Trusts, we recognise young people who are championing conservation and animal welfare causes and helping to raise awareness of the importance of protecting our natural world.

Young people are passionate about learning more about the world around them. Our new Award with Kew Gardens celebrates young people who have given time to learn in an environment that they might not have otherwise been exposed to.

The desire to learn more extends to the past as well, and it is becoming increasingly important that young people are given the opportunity to learn about and engage with their heritage. The Museum of London and the Council for British Archaeology provide young people with this chance and we’re delighted to work with them to highlight the dedication of some of these young people.

Through our partnerships, we are also reminded of how young people are making an impact on a local level, giving back to their communities and taking the time to help people in need. Our Awards with Barnardo’s celebrate the contributions of some of these young people, many of whom have been recipients of the help of the organisation and are now in a position to give something back.

We are pleased to be able to celebrate the achievements and passions of young people, and will continue to do so and encourage their importance in shaping the world around us.