Marsh Leadership Volunteer Award with the Canal and River Trust

This Award recongises volunteers with the Canal and River Trust who willingly take the lead and ensure a great service is provided to other volunteers through careful planning, communication and delivery of a wide range of tasks and opportunities.

Nominations for the Award are submitted to the Canal and River Trust and are judged by a panel consisting of Canal and River Trust and MCT representatives

Marcus Hill-Jones 2018

Marcus has been volunteering within waterways since 1996 and is on hand 24/7 to help with emergencies, leading and training other volunteers and engaging with the public. He is a leader who plans and organises his own events, an Ambassador who attends larger events on behalf of the Trust and an extremely committed Advocate for the Trust and the waterways.

Marcus’ knowledge of the entire Trust network is staggering, his commitment to the values of the Trust is evident and he always goes above and beyond what is expected of him as a volunteer. He set up the Turnerwood Taskforce and is always on hand to support other volunteers through training and providing advice.

Marcus is motivated by his passion for the waterways and the people who are connected to them. He is passionate about sharing his skills, helping in whatever way possible from being available in emergencies, greeting customers on the towpath to educating other members of the community to the importance of the waterways.