Marsh Volunteer Group Award with the Church Recording Society

This Award recognises a volunteer group that makes an outstanding and significant contribution to church recording. This Award celebrates the many hours of time they give to their roles, and highlights their skills and expertise, whilst working together as a team.

The volunteer groups bring a source of new ideas and initiatives, and manage to overcome any disadvantages that they might face, to ensure that they deliver results that may be used by historians, antiquarians and researchers.

Woodbridge, South-East Suffolk and Orwell Church Recording Group 2022

This Group brings together the members of three local groups to form one of the largest Church Recording Groups in the country. They first came together 25 years ago and have delivered twelve well-researched and recorded church records. Thorough research, recording and enthusiasm are all hallmarks of the Group. In 2011, they found an original 1611 copy of the King James’ Bible in a forgotten Tower of a church, which they were able to display as part of national celebrations of the 400th Anniversary of its publication. This is one of many unique and intriguing discoveries that the Group has made thanks to their attention to detail. The Group is now recording their 13th church, a sizeable parish church with a large quantity of significant artefacts.