Recognising More Volunteers with St Mungo’s

06 April, 2021

The Marsh Christian Trust has been in partnership with St Mungo’s since 2015, recognising volunteers who support people recovering from homelessness. The Awards reflect the varied contributions that volunteers make across St Mungo’s services through 3 categories: Ending Rough Sleeping, Peer Support and Outstanding Contribution.

St Mungo’s is a charity and housing association directly working every day with people who are sleeping rough, in hostels and at risk of homelessness. Their aim is to end homelessness and help people rebuild their lives.

St Mungo’s wide range of projects and services are designed to deal with the complex causes and consequences surrounding homelessness. Their work is supported by the efforts of hundreds of volunteers every year, many of whom have lived experience of homelessness. Volunteers help to run services, campaign for social and political change and raise funds for the charity. It is these inspiring people that are celebrated through our Awards.

In light of the pandemic, the Awards were adjusted to reflect and recognise more volunteers than previous years. We celebrated the work of 29 hardworking and dedicated volunteers who have contributed their time tirelessly throughout the coronavirus outbreak. The volunteers have been working to help the homeless in Emergency Hotels which were set up specifically throughout the pandemic to give extra help to the homeless. As well as focusing on the help those needed through these hard months, volunteers have still been providing services through the Recovery College, as First Responders, the Digital Inclusion Team, as Bereavement Befrienders and keeping support groups active.

Without all the volunteers hard work, the last year would have been a lot tougher for many people and for St Mungo’s as an organisation. With their help, St Mungo’s have been helping those who are ready to move into more permanent accommodation and the hope is that they will be able to keep the number of rough sleepers declining in the coming months.

Please click here to read the full list of winners for the Marsh ‘Heroes of the Pandemic’ Award.