Recognising International Contributions

07 November, 2019

Much of the MCT’s work involves recognising the grassroots contributions of individuals and groups across the UK. However, we are increasingly expanding our international reach and, in the past year, have presented over 15 Awards to winners working internationally.

A number of our partners have developed international networks to support social welfare, environmental and other causes being championed across the world. At the MCT, we recognise the importance of recognising these international contributions and have been pleased recently to celebrate some outstanding achievements.

We have introduced the Marsh Award for International Wetland Conservation for the first time this year, recognising a local citizen of a developing country whose non-UK conservation work has resulted in tremendous sustainable benefit for people and wildlife that rely on wetlands. The Award was given posthumously to Dr Lew Young for his invaluable contributions to the East Asian-Australasian Flyway Partnership throughout his career.

The Marsh Award for Anthropology in the World has often celebrated an individual working internationally who has applied anthropology or anthropological ideas in order to have a positive influence on, or help us better understand, the problems facing our world today. This year’s winner was South African musician Johnny Clegg, who’s contributions to the anti-apartheid movement through music had an incredible impact.

One international partner that we have worked with for a number of years is Botanic Gardens Conservation International. We were pleased to continue to highlight the work of members of their worldwide plant conservation network this year, presenting Awards to Ana Sandoval from Chile and Benjamin Ong from Malaysia.

These are just some of the many international contributions that we have promoted throughout the year and we look forward to continuing to develop this important area of recognition through our Awards in years to come.