2022 Awards Partnership Anniversaries

21 December, 2022

The Marsh Charitable Trust prides itself on its longstanding relationships with both our grantees as well as our Awards partners. Over the years, the Trust’s Awards Scheme has grown impressively, with partners from all over the charity sector ranging from social welfare, arts and culture, conservation and ecology, and heritage and community.

This year we have celebrated some of our long-standing partnerships. Each partnership that the MCT has with each organiation varies to recognise the hard work and dedication of volunteers and those who give their time to a subject that they are passionate about. The partnerships grow and change throughout the years with each organisation where we both see it fit.

The MCT has been in partnership with the Kent Wildlife Trust for 25 years. Kent Wildlife Trust is the leading conservation organisation covering the whole of Kent and Medway, dedicated to protecting wildlife and wild habitats for everyone to enjoy. The Marsh Volunteer Awards with the Kent Wildlife Trust began in 1997 and recognises volunteers that help the organisation in many different ways. These responsibilities range from working on nature reserves to greeting the public at Visitor Centres or helping young people to engage with wildlife, all giving their skills to help to protect Kent’s wildlife.

The MCT has celebrated two 10-year anniversaries this year. Since 2012 we have been in partnership with the Marjan Centre and We Are With You.

The Marjan Centre seeks to protect the planet’s biodiversity through an understanding of how conflict and war impact the Earth’s ecosystems, fauna and flora and natural resources, as well as the atmosphere. The Marsh Marjan Award is awarded to an individual or group that has made an invaluable contribution in an area where conflict and conservation overlap. This Award has recipients from all over the world where conservation is needed, including Ukraine, Africa, and Serbia.

We Are With You (WAWY) provides confidential support to people experiencing issues with drugs, alcohol or mental health, and aims to help them change their lives for the better. The Trust runs two Awards with WAWY that recognises volunteers from across the organisation who are helping to change peoples lives. The Marsh Volunteer Awards celebrate the contributions that the WAWY volunteers do to transform the lives or people who are struggling. The Marsh Recovery Awards recognise those who are in recovery that have made a difference in their own lives and who are now seek to help people in the same position.

In addition to celebrating our existing partnerships, the MCT has also had the opportunity to expand the Awards Scheme, creating new relationships with a range of organisations.

The Association for Science and Discovery Centres (ASDC) is a membership organisation, bringing together over 60 of the leading informal science engagement organisations, including the major science centres and museums around the UK. The Marsh Volunteer Award recognises one volunteer from the organisations across their network who has made an outstanding contribution to the Science and Discovery Centre where they are based. It also provides an opportunity to raise awareness of the role and impact of science centres in their communities.

The Church Recording Society co-ordinates and provides resources for the Church Recording Groups throughout the UK and the Isle of Man, in succession to The Arts Society. The Marsh Volunteer Awards recognise an individual volunteer and a group of volunteers who have gone above and beyond, dedicating hours of their time to church recording.

The Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA) investigates and campaigns against environmental crime and abuse. The Trust has previously support EIA through our Grans Programme since 2013. The Trust runs The Marsh Award for Wildlife Conservation which recognises the work of an EIA local partner for them to use towards their activities and campaigns, and those who have made an outstanding contribution to wildlife conservation and who has furthered the work of their an EIA’s campaigns in this area.

The MCT continues to recognise the importance of both long-standing and new partnerships.